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    Our UBX Fitness have this “Recharge system” which is a self-generated, fully closed box which provides adjustable resistance,LED emitting and USB charge port. Resistance
    and power supply are related to the user’s movement speed. 
    You can charge your mobile phone whilst exercising with an Urbanix Cardio recharge

     The Product’s features help you maintain good health and at the same time conserve energy by using them as charging ports.

      Our Play Equipments offer a range of different benefits for different ages. They include tactile experiences, social interactions and educational panels.


        Our Water Playground that requires minimal supervision since there is no actual water depth. A Playfab splash park is acombination of our standard play elements and water play to create the ultimate outdoor play experience.

          We have variety of structured games or competitive physical exercises such as Ping Pong Table, Billiard Table and Foosball Table

            EPDM Rubber Flooring is constructed from small rubber granules, making it possible to incorporate all kinds of figures and 3D elements into the floor

             Innovative 3D Pattern Grass for a more realistic and attractive appearance, easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for wide range of application

            Our Carpets are structured with a layer of pile fibres, tufted into a primary backing which is then reinforced by a second layer